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Supported Living Services

Gella Care Service provides supported living services in Bedfordshire

What We Do

Gella Care Services provides a medium to high level risk specialist supported living services. Our staff training prepares our team to gain a clear understanding of everyone we support. Our approach is governed by a clear and strong emphasis on our philosophy of: managing risk, we use a step-up step-down approach to manage risk, promoting a quality of life through activity engagement and promoting independence through in-house daily life skills educational programmes and community activity engagement such as access to college, travel training and leisure activities.

Our Mission

We strive to be the highest rated care company in Bedfordshire We have a strong emphasis on community integration and supporting people to progress to independent living. We base our support structure on the, “recovery model” where we emphasize on the importance of building the resilience of people with mental health problems and supporting their identity and self-esteem. It is a strength-based approach that does not focus solely on symptoms but also emphasises resilience and control over life’s challenges. This model aims to help people with mental health problems move forward, set new goals, and take part in relationships and activities that are meaningful. We support, supervise and educate individuals to build self-confidence about themselves and to be able to do the things that are important to them, thereby ultimately lead to happy and fulfilled lives.

Fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for personal care.

Our services support people with a variety of mental health conditions:

We use positive behaviour support (PBS), ABCs, which enables us to support our clients.

  • Must be aged 16+
  • Diagnosis of Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Personality Disorder, Complex Mental Health needs.
  • Service users with a forensic history.
  • Those under DOLS or Court of Protection orders.
  • We ask about our client’s lifestyle preferences and aspirations, and we support them to achieve these.
  • We encourage and help clients to achieve full potential.
  • We support to make informed choices.
  • We support our clients to feel safe and protected from neglect, abuse, or avoidable harm.
  • Our client’s health and social care needs are regularly assessed and reviewed to ensure they are receiving the right support and care at the right time.
  • Our clients care and support adapts when their needs, choices and decisions change.
  • We ensure our clients experience consistency in who provides their care and support and in how it is provided.
  • If they make a complaint, it is acted on.

Gella Care Services

Gella Care Services promotes real inclusion for people with Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Mental Health conditions. We support our residents to actively engage with local facilities. We work with clients from 16 years to Adult age.

Mental Health Support

Gella Care Service
We support service users who are ready to be discharged from hospital to a home environment.
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Autism Service

Gella Care Service
We tailor our support based on the information we have collected about an individual.
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Outreach Services

Gella Care Service
Designed for people who need fewer than 30 hours support a week.
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Domiciliary Care Service

Gella Care
What does domiciliary care include? Download our brochure to learn more.

Supported Living

Gella Care Service
Most people we support live in their own home. This is called supported living. In supported living you can help to choose who supports you and who you live with.

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Referral Process

Can you please provide us with an up-to-date risk assessment, needs assessment, care plan, OT assessment if it is available? Any other supporting documents which can be useful